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An A-Z guide to a cruise experience in Bai Tu Long Bay, Vietnam

If you’re seeking a tranquil and scenic escape, Bai Tu Long Bay in Vietnam is an exceptional choice. Often overshadowed by its famous neighbor, Ha Long Bay, Bai Tu Long Bay offers a serene experience with fewer crowds but equally stunning landscapes. Here's your friendly guide to making the most out of your Bai Tu Long Bay cruise adventure.

An A-Z guide to a cruise experience in Bai Tu Long Bay, Vietnam
An A-Z guide to a cruise experience in Bai Tu Long Bay, Vietnam (Source: Internet)

Located in the northeast of Ha Long Bay, to the west bordering the mainland with Cam Pha city, Bai Tu Long is a bay area consisting of many large and small islands, many of which are large and inhabited, mainly weak in the East. Bai Tu Long Bay has an area of ​​about 157.8 km2 including many limestone island terrains similar to the landscape of Ha Long Bay.

Best time to take a cruise experience in Bai Tu Long Bay, Vietnam

  • The ideal time to visit Bai Tu Long Bay is between October and April. During these months, you’ll enjoy cool, dry weather and calm seas, perfect for cruising and exploring the bay's natural beauty.

  • The summer months (May to September) can be hot and humid, with a higher chance of rain and storms, but also offer lush landscapes and quieter tourist spots.

Transportation to Bai Tu Long Bay

All Bai Tu Long Bay cruises will depart from Ha Long international passenger ship port (SunGroup port), a port located in the Northeast of Ha Long City, right under the Ha Long Sun Wheel mountain.

To reach Bai Tu Long Bay, you'll first need to travel to Ha Noi, Vietnam's capital. From Ha Noi, it’s a 3-4 hour drive to the port city of Ha Long, where most cruises depart. You can book a private car, take a shuttle bus, or even opt for a seaplane ride for a more scenic approach. Many cruise companies offer packages that include transportation from Ha Noi to the bay.

Top Attractions to visit during the trip in Bai Tu Long Bay

Bai Tu Long Bay, a must-visit place in Vietnam
Bai Tu Long Bay, a must-visit place in Vietnam (Source: Internet)

Thien Canh Son Cave

This stunning cave is considered the most beautiful cave in Bai Tu Long Bay, belonging to Cong Do Nature Reserve. The cave is famous for its unique wild natural beauty and lyrical landscape, attracting thousands of visitors. Outside the cave, visitors can admire the poetic natural scenery of Bai Tu Long Bay, enjoy the fresh and cool air of the bay.

Vung Vieng Fishing Village

Experience the traditional life of fishermen in this floating village. Vung Vieng fishing village in the Vung Ha archipelago is located in an important protected area on Bai Tu Long Bay, about 25 km from the mainland. The gate to the village is very unique, it is a giant stone arch created by nature. Currently, Vung Vieng fishing village attracts many tourists with a 3-day, 2-night cruise on a Bai Tu Long Bay cruise with activities to visit and explore the lives of fishermen here by bamboo boat.

Cap La Island

This is a wonderful tourist destination with a peaceful landscape created by large and small limestone islands of various shapes and sizes amidst quiet, solitary pools. Many cruise ships in Bai Tu Long Bay choose Cap La as a destination in their itinerary for kayaking activities so that tourists can explore and admire the scenery of Bai Tu Long and immerse themselves in the turquoise water here.

Cong Dam area

Located on the peaceful Bai Tu Long Bay, the Cong Dam area is known for its majestic and poetic natural beauty of an outdoor geological museum. Because it is located quite far from the mainland and completely isolated from bustling tourist routes, the pristine natural scenery along with the peaceful space of water, clouds and sky here will definitely overwhelm visitors when visiting.

Cong Do Island

Known for its pristine beaches and crystal-clear waters, this island is perfect for swimming, kayaking, and relaxing on the sand.

Hon Co Island

Another gem with white sandy beaches and turquoise waters, ideal for a peaceful day of sunbathing and swimming.

Ban Chan Beach

A hidden paradise with soft sand and serene surroundings, perfect for a beach picnic or a quiet stroll.

The best cruises in Bai Tu Long Bay

5-star cruises in Bai Tu Long Bay

  • Athena Cruise: As a modern steel ship, with luxurious design, diverse menu combining Asian and European styles along with 5-star service, Athena cruise will definitely satisfy tourists when choosing a cruise. Explore Bai Tu Long Bay with Athena with the most exciting and advanced services and experiences.

  • Signature Cruise: Not as flashy as new modern yachts, Signature is a luxury wooden yacht that attracts tourists with its sophisticated classic style. Promoting excellent service quality along with 5-star amenities, Signature cruises create an extremely luxurious and classy regal space for your Bai Tu Long cruise trip.

4-star cruises in Bai Tu Long Bay

  • Renea Cruise: Inspired by traditional Vietnamese art and culture, Renea creates a unique and attractive feature for tourists, especially foreign tourists who prefer traditional styles and indigenous culture. The extremely professional and dedicated guide team from Renea gives tourists unforgettable impressions on their journey to explore Bai Tu Long.

3-star cruises in Bai Tu Long Bay

  • Swan Cruise: With a new and pristine cruise tour to explore Bai Tu Long Bay, Swan Cruise is suitable for young people who love to explore nature at an appropriate cost. Not only that, excellent service, friendly staff and diverse cuisine will meet the needs of all visitors who choose Swan for their trip.

Swan cruise in Bai Tu Long Bay, Vietnam
Swan cruise in Bai Tu Long Bay, Vietnam (Source: Internet)

Discover more about cruise in Ha Long Bay and cruise in Lan Ha Bay for an unforgettable trip in Vietnam.

Price for booking a cruise tour in Bai Tu Long Bay

Prices for a Bai Tu Long Bay cruise vary based on the duration, type of cruise, and amenities offered. Here’s a rough guide:

  • Budget Cruises: $100 - $150 per person for a 2-day, 1-night trip.

  • Mid-range Cruises: $150 - $250 per person for a 2-day, 1-night trip.

  • Luxury Cruises: $250 - $400+ per person for a 2-day, 1-night trip.

  • Longer cruises (3 days, 2 nights) will naturally cost more, typically adding an extra $100 - $200 per person to the base price.

A cruise in Bai Tu Long Bay offers an enchanting escape into nature’s beauty, rich with cultural experiences and unforgettable moments. By choosing the right time, planning your trip, and selecting a cruise that fits your budget and interests, you’re set for an incredible adventure. Whether you're kayaking through clear waters, exploring hidden caves, or simply soaking up the serene scenery, Bai Tu Long Bay promises a memorable and rejuvenating journey. Explore and prepare carefully for amazing cruise experiences at Ha Long Bay, Lan Ha Bay and Bai Tu Long Bay!

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