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"Bizarre" Vietnamese Dishes for Foreign Tourists

If you love exploring culinary delights, Vietnam will surely offer you many exciting experiences. However, there are some dishes that foreign tourists might find unusual and maybe make you "scare". Let's discover these unique dishes together!

Balut (Trứng Vịt Lộn)

Balut - one of favourite food of Vietnamese
Balut - one of favourite food of Vietnamese (Source: Internet)

Balut is a fertilized duck egg that has been incubated for almost a month, containing a partially developed embryo. It's usually boiled and eaten with Vietnamese coriander and salt with pepper and lime.

Try it: Street food vendors in around Vietnam.

Blood Pudding (Tiết Canh)

Blood pudding is made from fresh animal blood (usually pig or duck) mixed with fish sauce and served with peanuts and herbs.

Try it: Tiết Canh Anh Tú, 102 Yên Phụ, Tay Ho, Hanoi.

Dishes Made from Pupae or Worms (Nhộng)

Dishes Made from Pupae or Worms (Nhộng)
Dishes Made from Pupae or Worms (Nhộng) (Source: Internet)

Silkworm pupae, combined with the fragrant aroma of lemon leaves, create a delicious and rustic dish commonly found in family meals in the northern provinces of Vietnam. The pupa is the larval stage of the silkworm. This dish is highly nutritious, offering high-quality protein while being low in fat.

Coconut Worms (Đuông Dừa)

Coconut worms (Đuông Dừa) in fish sauce
Coconut worms (Đuông Dừa) in fish sauce (Source: Internet)

Coconut worms are the larvae of beetles that live in coconut trees. They are often eaten alive or fried.

Try it: Specialty restaurants in the Mekong Delta region.

Clay-Pot Roasted Field Mouse (Chuột Đồng Quay Lu)

Field mice, after being cleaned, are roasted in a clay pot until golden and crispy. This dish is popular in the Mekong Delta provinces like An Giang and Dong Thap.

Try it: Nam Sanh Field Mouse Restaurant, Long Xuyen, An Giang.

Bamboo Worms (Sâu Măng)

Bamboo worms are insects that live in bamboo stalks. They are fried until crispy and eaten with salt and pepper with lime.

Try it: Restaurants in the Northwest regions like Son La and Dien Bien.

Tuna Eye Soup (Súp Mắt Cá Ngừ)

Tuna Eye Soup (Súp Mắt Cá Ngừ) - a specialties of Phu Yen
Tuna Eye Soup (Súp Mắt Cá Ngừ) - a specialties of Phu Yen (Source: Internet)

Tuna eye soup is made by simmering tuna eyes with medicinal herbs, creating a nutritious and unique dish.

Try it: Phu Yen specialty restaurants in Tuy Hoa.

Chicken Feet (Chân Gà)

Grilled chicken feet with salt and chili
Grilled chicken feet with salt and chili (Source: Internet)

In Vietnam, visitors can enjoy a variety of chicken feet dishes. These include feet soaked in lemongrass, grilled with honey sauce, or simply boiled with ginger. One unique specialty you can't miss is the giant Dong Tao chicken feet, a delicacy exclusive to Vietnam.

Black Chicken Stew with Herbs (Gà Ác Hầm)

For Vietnamese families, the distinctive sweet taste of black chicken combined with the scent of wormwood and aromatic herbs has been a cherished dish for generations. Black chicken is renowned for its exceptional nutritional value, making it particularly beneficial for women after childbirth.

Fried Scorpion (Bọ Cạp Chiên)

Fried scorpions are a delicacy in some rural areas of Vietnam. They are cleaned and fried until crispy.

Try it: Ben Thanh Night Market, Ho Chi Minh City.

Vietnam is a culinary paradise with countless unique dishes. If you're brave and love to explore, don't hesitate to try the above dishes for an unforgettable culinary experience!

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