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Must-Try Da Lat Delights: Exploring the Best of Local Food in Vietnam's Hidden Gem

Updated: May 11

Da Lat, Vietnam: Your ultimate foodie haven! Explore the best local dishes in this charming city. With its refreshing climate, every bite tastes divine. Check out the Top 8 must-try Da Lat delicacies!

01 Banh mi xiu mai (meat-ball banh mi) - must-try food in Da Lat

Banh mi xiu mai (meat-ball banh mi) Da Lat
Banh mi xiu mai (meat-ball banh mi) Da Lat (Source: Internet)

Get ready for a Banh Mi Xiu Mai adventure that'll totally change how you enjoy baguettes! It's a simple yet mind-blowingly delicious combo of steamy meatballs and crusty banh mi. Tear off a piece of banh mi, dip it into the flavorful sauce, then take a bite of the meatball for a burst of flavor and texture. You've got yourself the perfect breakfast treat. This specialty is an absolute must-try, especially in Da Lat's chilly, misty weather.

Try it:

  • Banh Mi Xiu Mai Ri 79 - 01 Thong Thien Hoc

  • Banh Mi Xiu Mai - 35 Hoang Dieu

02 Banh can Da Lat (Vietnamese mini pancake)

Banh can (Vietnamese mini pancake) Da Lat
Banh can (Vietnamese mini pancake) Da Lat (Source: Internet)

Banh Can: A Delightful Morning Treat That's Simple Yet Elegant. Picture this: a round clay pot with small holes, filled with a light rice powder and water mix, just cooked enough. Then, the fun part: toppings! Traditionally, a quail egg sits in the center, like a tiny sun on a cloud. But you can mix it up with chicken eggs, beef, shrimp, or a combo.

Now, onto the sauce: a small bowl of mixed fish sauce. Cooked to perfection with green onions, ground peanuts, and chilies. Some locals opt for a stronger sauce called mam nem, a mix of fermented fish sauce, pineapples, pan-grilled rice powder, and more.

Try it:

  • Banh Can A Cat - H55 Nguyen Thi Nghia

  • Banh Can Co Chin - 2/35 Pham Ngu Lao

03 Banh trang nuong Da Lat (grilled rice paper - Vietnamese pizza)

Banh trang nuong (grilled rice paper - Vietnamese pizza) Da Lat
Banh trang nuong (grilled rice paper - Vietnamese pizza) Da Lat (Source: Internet)

Introducing a Culinary Gem: Crispy Grilled Rice Paper Delight. Here's the scoop: a rice paper sheet grilled to crispy perfection. Then comes the magic—a crack of quail or chicken egg spread across the surface. Next, a sprinkle of dried baby shrimp, a cube of laughing cow cheese, green onions, and fried shallots. Roll it up, wrap it in paper, and you're ready to savor without burning your hands. With every bite, prepare for a flavor explosion that'll leave you craving more. This street food sensation is a must-try!

Try it:

  • Banh trang nuong is a popular street food in Da Lat that you can find on every corner of the city

04 Banh uot long ga (steamed wet pancakes with chicken and tripe)

Banh uot long ga (steamed wet pancakes with chicken and tripe) Da Lat
Banh uot long ga (steamed wet pancakes with chicken and tripe) Da Lat (Source: Internet)

A bite-sized rice sheets seasoned with fresh herbs, onions, and crispy shallots. Paired perfectly with well-cooked chicken organs, tender shredded chicken, and young eggs.

Now, here's the kicker: the vinegar dressing. It's elegantly sour and sweet, adding a burst of flavor that'll tantalize your taste buds. Worried about the organs? No problem—just ask to have them removed. One bite of this dish and you'll be hooked. It's a taste sensation you won't want to miss!

Try it:

  • Banh Uot Long Ga Long - 202/2/5 Phan Dinh Phung

  • Quan Hang 68 - 39 Dong Tam

05 Mi Quang (Quang noodle) - a special taste in Da Lat

Mi Quang (Quang noodle) Da Lat
Mi Quang (Quang noodle) Da Lat (Source: INternet)

While Mi Quang is traditionally a specialty of Quang Nam, it has found its way to Da Lat with a unique twist. Here, you'll find a slightly altered version with a thicker broth, boasting the vibrant orange hue of dried shrimps and the delicate sweetness of jicama. What sets Mi Quang in Da Lat apart is the wider array of fresh vegetables, particularly shredded cabbage, adding another layer of flavor to this beloved dish.

Try it:

  • Mi Quang Hoi An - 14 Yersin

  • Mi Quang Nha Shin - 209 Nguyen Cong Tru

06 Lau ga la e (chicken and lemon basil leaves hotpot)

Lau ga la e (chicken and lemon basil leaves hotpot) Da Lat
Lau ga la e (chicken and lemon basil leaves hotpot) Da Lat (Source: Internet)

On chilly Da Lat nights, there's nothing quite like indulging in a steaming hotpot, and the local favorite is Lau ga la e. Lemon basil, with its unique blend of lemon, mint, and basil aromas, is a native plant that adds a special touch to the dish.

Here's how it goes down: Chicken, marinated with a paste made from lemon basil leaves, is slowly cooked in a clay pot filled with a fragrant broth of lemon basil and lemongrass. The pot simmers right at your table on a mini stove, allowing you to add rice noodles and mushrooms as you go.

The combination of flavorful chicken, hot soup, and herbal warmth perfectly complements Da Lat's climate, making this dish a must-try for anyone visiting the misty city.

Try it:

  • Hanh Dalat - 06 Yersin

  • Tao Ngo - 30 Bui Thi Xuan

07 Pastries and hot milk - must-try street food in Da Lat food-tour

Pastries and hot milk Da Lat
Pastries and hot milk Da Lat (Source: Internet)

While strolling through the streets of Da Lat, if you spot a bustling crowd gathered around little plastic stools on the sidewalks, chances are you've stumbled upon a food cart selling freshly baked pastries and hot milk.

The cart is filled with an array of pastries on display, and you're given a small plate to pick out your favorites. Meanwhile, inside, large pots of milk are kept warm.

Now comes the fun part: choosing your milk! With options like peanut, green bean, soy, and corn milk, the choices might seem overwhelming at first. But don't worry—you can mix them up and even add condensed milk or sugar to suit your taste.

Our favorite way to enjoy this treat? Dip the pastries into a glass of hot milk and savor the sweetness as they melt in your mouth. Joining the locals for this delightful experience is a must-do in Da Lat!

Try it:

  • Hoa Sua - 3F Tang Bat Ho

  • Co Lan - 01 Nam Ky Khoi Nghia

08 Kem bo (avocado ice cream)

Kem bo (avocado ice cream) Da Lat
Kem bo (avocado ice cream) Da Lat (Source: Internet)

Ending our food tour in Da Lat with a sweet treat: Kem Bo, or avocado ice cream. Avocados, the pride of Da Lat's agriculture, are blended into a creamy texture, then topped with a scoop of coconut or vanilla ice cream. The smooth avocado base combined with the sweetness of the ice cream creates a dessert you won't soon forget. It's the perfect way to wrap up your culinary adventure in Da Lat!

Try it:

  • Kem Phung - 97A Nguyen Van Troi

  • Kem Bo Cham - 27 Nguyen Trai

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