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Discover the Magic of Vietnam’s Waterfalls: Top 10 Must-Visit Spots

Vietnam is a land of incredible natural beauty, and its waterfalls are no exception. From the lush northern mountains to the scenic central highlands and down to the vibrant south, Vietnam's waterfalls are stunning spots waiting to be explored. These cascades offer a perfect blend of adventure and tranquility, making them ideal for trekkers, nature lovers, and anyone looking to experience the country’s wild side.

Why waterfall discovery is a must in Vietnam

Exploring waterfalls in Vietnam is a fantastic way to experience the country’s diverse landscapes and rich natural beauty. Here’s why waterfall discovery should be on your bucket list:

  • Many of Vietnam’s waterfalls are located in remote, beautiful areas that require a bit of a hike to reach. This adds an element of adventure and is perfect for trekking enthusiasts.

  • The waterfalls are surrounded by lush forests, vibrant flora, and often, interesting wildlife. It’s a great way to immerse yourself in nature and take a break from the bustling cities.

  • There’s nothing quite like the sound of water cascading down rocks and the feel of cool mist on your face. Many waterfalls also have natural pools where you can take a refreshing dip.

Top 10 must-visit waterfalls in Vietnam

Now, let’s dive into the top 10 waterfalls you must visit in Vietnam, from north to south.





Ban Gioc Waterfall

Cao Bang Province, North

One of the largest waterfalls in Asia, stunning scenery, border with China


Thac Bac (Silver Waterfall)

Sapa, Lao Cai Province, North

Easy access from Sapa town, beautiful silver-like water flow

Small fee (~$1)

Datanla Waterfall

Da Lat, Lam Dong Province, Central Highlands

Thrilling activities like toboggan rides, lush forest surroundings

Small fee (~$2)

Pongour Waterfall

Da Lat, Lam Dong Province, Central Highlands

Known as the "Seven-Level Falls," wide, multi-tiered waterfall

Small fee (~$2)

Prenn Waterfall

Da Lat, Lam Dong Province, Central Highlands

Accessible location, beautiful and serene, offers elephant rides

Small fee (~$1.50)

Dray Nur Waterfall

Buon Ma Thuot, Dak Lak Province, Central Highlands

Impressive size, mystical legend, great for photos

Small fee (~$1)

Thac Nuoc (or Thac Ba Hoang Mo Nich) Waterfall

Quang Nam Province, Central Vietnam

Hidden gem, peaceful surroundings, great for a quiet escape


Elephant Waterfall

Da Lat, Lam Dong Province, Central Highlands

Powerful waterfall, scenic hike to reach, beautiful viewpoints

Small fee (~$1)

Yang Bay Waterfall

Khanh Hoa Province, South Central Vietnam

Scenic park area, cultural performances, hot springs nearby

Small fee (~$3)

Giang Dien Waterfall

Dong Nai Province, Southern Vietnam

Family-friendly park, picnic areas, easy access from Ho Chi Minh City

Small fee (~$4)

Waterfall discovery in Vietnam is a journey into the heart of the country’s natural splendor. From the majestic Ban Gioc in the north to the serene Giang Dien in the south, each waterfall offers a unique experience. Whether you’re an avid trekker or simply looking to enjoy the beauty of nature, Vietnam’s waterfalls provide the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable adventure. So pack your hiking boots, grab your camera, and get ready to explore some of the most beautiful waterfalls Vietnam has to offer!

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