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Getting from the Airport: Your Guide to Transportation in Vietnam

Updated: May 29

Welcome to Vietnam, a country full of vibrant cities, stunning landscapes, and rich culture. If you're wondering how to get from the airport to your destination, you're in the right place. Let's dive into the details, starting with a quick look at Vietnam's major airports and then exploring the best ways to get where you need to go.

Airports in Vietnam (flying to Vietnam)

Here's a handy table listing some of the main airports in Vietnam, along with their locations and whether they handle international or domestic flights:

Airport Name



Noi Bai International Airport



Tan Son Nhat International Airport

Ho Chi Minh City


Da Nang International Airport

Da Nang


Cam Ranh International Airport

Nha Trang


Phu Quoc International Airport

Phu Quoc Island


Cat Bi International Airport

Hai Phong


Can Tho International Airport

Can Tho


Vinh Airport

Vinh, Nghe An


Dong Hoi Airport

Dong Hoi, Quang Binh


Lien Khuong Airport

Da Lat


Phu Bai Airport



Buon Ma Thuot Airport

Buon Ma Thuot


Rach Gia Airport

Rach Gia, Kien Giang


Con Dao Airport

Con Dao Island


How to transport to another spots from the airport

Alright, now that you know where you’re landing, let’s talk about how to get from the airport to your destination. Here are your main options:

01 Taxis

  • Estimate Cost: $10 - $20 depending on the distance and city.

  • Note: Taxis are widely available and convenient. Just be sure to choose reputable companies like Vinasun or Mai Linh to avoid scams.

  • Tip: Always insist on using the meter or agree on a price before starting your journey.

Taxis is the best choice for transportation from airport in Vietnam
Taxis is the best choice for transportation from airport in Vietnam

02 Ride-Hailing Apps (Grab, Gojek, Be, Xanh SM)

  • Estimate Cost: Often cheaper than traditional taxis, around $8 - $15.

  • Note: Easy to use with a smartphone app, and you can pay through the app or in cash.

  • Tip: Ensure your phone is charged and you have internet access. Grab is the most popular option in Vietnam.

03 Airport Shuttles

  • Estimate Cost: $5 - $10 per person.

  • Note: Some airports offer shuttle buses that drop you at major points in the city. These are a budget-friendly option.

  • Tip: Check the schedule ahead of time to avoid long waits.

You can try the airport shuttles when traveling to Vietnam
You can try the airport shuttles when traveling to Vietnam

04 Public Buses

  • Estimate Cost: Less than $1.

  • Note: The cheapest option, but can be confusing if you’re not familiar with the routes and schedules.

  • Tip: Have some Vietnamese Dong ready, as buses usually don’t accept large bills or foreign currency.

05 Private Transfers

  • Estimate Cost: $20 - $50 depending on the distance and service.

  • Note: These can be booked in advance and offer comfort and convenience, especially if you have a lot of luggage.

  • Tip: Use services like Klook or Traveloka to book your private transfer in advance.

06 Motorbike Taxis (Xe Om) (not recommended for tourists)

  • Estimate Cost: $5 - $10 for short distances.

  • Note: A quick and adventurous way to travel, but best for solo travelers without much luggage.

  • Tip: Negotiate the price beforehand and ensure the driver provides a helmet.

07 Rental Cars

  • Estimate Cost: $30 - $60 per day.

  • Note: Available at most international airports, giving you the freedom to explore at your own pace.

  • Tip: Make sure you have a valid international driving permit and understand local driving laws.

Some tips for having a smooth transportation in Vietnam

  • Currency Exchange: Exchange some Vietnam Dong at the airport to cover your initial transportation costs.

  • Language: Knowing a few basic Vietnamese phrases or having a translation app can be very helpful.

  • Map & Directions: Download offline maps and save your hotel address in Vietnamese to show drivers.

  • Safety: Keep an eye on your belongings and be cautious when dealing with strangers offering rides.

Vietnam's transportation options are diverse and cater to all budgets and preferences. Whether you’re hopping on a bus or riding in style with a private transfer, you’ll find a way that suits you. Enjoy your travels and happy exploring!

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