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Da Lat travel guide - Time to visit and things to do

Updated: May 11

If you're into thrilling adventures, Da Lat should be at the top of your Vietnam bucket list! It's totally unique compared to other spots in the country. Think cool spring-like weather instead of sweaty hotness, charming French-style villas instead of boring socialist buildings, and farms bursting with strawberries and flowers instead of endless rice paddies. Da Lat's got that wow factor for sure!

Best travel time to Da Lat

  • Spring (January-March) – Season of trees and flowers; between 20 and 28 degrees

  • Summer (April – June) – Season of fog and warm weather; between 24 and 31 degrees

  • Autumn (July – September) – Season of rain; between 24 and 31

  • Winter (October to December) – Season of flowers on the hills; between 20 and 26 degrees

Best things to do in Da Lat

Da Lat is a must-visit spot in Vietnam, famous for its stunning beauty and peaceful vibe. If you haven't been there yet, check out this awesome list of things to do in Da Lat. It'll make sure your first trip is absolutely unforgettable!

01 The old Da Lat Train Station

Da Lat Train Station
Da Lat Train Station (Source: Internet)

Da Lat Train Station is a real historical treasure, being Vietnam's oldest railway station. Riding the train here is such a cool experience! You get to soak in the breathtaking scenery, hear the clickety-clack of the wheels, and feel the train gently swaying. It's a must-do for anyone visiting Da Lat!

02 Clay Tunnel in Da Lat

Clay Tunnel in Da Lat
Clay Tunnel in Da Lat (Source: Internet)

You won't believe your eyes at the incredible artwork in this tunnel! From super realistic animal statues to jaw-dropping replicas of famous landmarks, it's all here. Take a leisurely walk through and you'll be totally immersed in a world of clay masterpieces, each with its own story to tell. It's an experience you won't forget!

03 Da Lat flower gardens

Da Lat flower gardens
Da Lat flower garden (Source: Internet)

Da Lat, known as Vietnam's love capital, is home to some seriously dreamy flower gardens that'll steal your heart away. Picture-perfect landscapes, vibrant blooms, and sweet scents make these gardens an absolute paradise for nature lovers and hopeless romantics. Walking through these floral wonderlands is like a hug for your soul, leaving you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.

04 Collection of mesmerizing Da Lat waterfalls

Pongour Falls Da Lat
Pongour Falls Da Lat (Source: Internet)

Da Lat isn't just about beautiful flowers; it's also waterfall heaven! You've got the grand Elephant Waterfall, the elegant Pongour Falls, the magical Datanla Waterfalls, and the captivating Prenn Falls. Each one is special in its own way. Prepare to be blown away by the sheer power of nature as you soak up the stunning views and lush greenery all around. It's like stepping into a real-life fairy tale!

05 Da Lat Night Market

Da Lat Night Market
Da Lat Night Market (Source: Internet)

You'll love exploring this lively market packed with all sorts of goodies! Whether you're after one-of-a-kind souvenirs, handmade crafts, or the latest fashion trends, you'll find it here. And don't forget to treat yourself to some mouthwatering Da Lat street food while you're at it. It's a must-do for any visit!

06 Cau Dat Tea Hill - must-visit in Da Lat

Cau Dat Tea Hill Da Lat
Cau Dat Tea Hill Da Lat (Source: Internet)

Get ready to be blown away by this massive tea plantation! Stretching across a whopping 230 hectares and sitting pretty at a lofty 1,650 meters above sea level, it's a true natural wonderland. Picture-perfect views of lush green tea hills dotted with quaint little houses will greet you as you arrive. It's the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of city life, where you can truly unwind and connect with nature's beauty.

07 Da Lat Mountain biking

Mountain biking in Da Lat
Mountain biking in Da Lat (Source: Internet)

Calling all mountain biking enthusiasts! Da Lat is your ultimate playground. With awesome single-track trails, challenging descents, and epic climbs, it's a mountain biking paradise. Once you reach the summit, get ready to be wowed by the stunning vistas of fields, forests, and mountains stretching out before you. Mountain biking here isn't just an activity—it's the best way to experience everything this incredible region has to offer!

08 Trekking in Da Lat

Trekking in Bidoup Nui Ba National Park Da Lat
Trekking in Bidoup Nui Ba National Park Da Lat (Source: Internet)

Whether you prefer leisurely strolls or thrilling treks, exploring nature in Da Lat is an absolute treat. You'll encounter a wealth of natural wonders, from fascinating wildlife to breathtaking landscapes. Guided tours can take you to caves, waterfalls, lakes, volcanic peaks, minority villages, suspension bridges, and farmland—there's something for everyone! Don't miss out on iconic treks like the Lang Biang Mountain summit or adventures through Bidoup Nui Ba National Park. It's nature's playground, waiting for you to discover its wonders!

09 Explore a collection of amazing Coffee shops in Da Lat

A Coffee shop in Da Lat
A Coffee shop in Da Lat (Source: Internet)

When it comes to coffee culture in Vietnam, Da Lat is the place to be! It's not just about grabbing a cup of joe here—it's an experience. Picture cozy coffee spots with unique decor or themed vibes that transport you to another world. Some cafes perch atop mountains, offering breathtaking forest views, while others are nestled in greenhouses glowing under the evening sky. Whether you're sipping by a serene lake or overlooking the bustling city, each cafe has its own charm. Coffee in Dalat isn't just a drink—it's a whole adventure!

10 Tuyen Lam lake - paradise lake in Da Lat

Tuyen Lam lake Da Lat
Tuyen Lam lake Da Lat (Source: Internet)

Tuyen Lam Lake, also known as Paradise Lake, steals the show as Da Lat's most stunning lake. It's a real gem, nestled amidst lush pine forests, creating a serene and picturesque landscape. Besides soaking in the romantic vibes, there's a ton of activities to dive into, like horseback riding, climbing, fishing, and kayaking. To amp up your adventure, hop on the cable car to Truc Lam Pagoda, conveniently located right by the lake. It's the perfect combo for an unforgettable day in paradise!

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